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Oven cleaner £13/h job in Manchester

oven cleaner jobsWe are looking for someone to work as a self employed oven cleaner. Please note this is quite hard physical work, and would not suit someone who is overweight, or senior, or has a bad back or is female, although applications from these groups will still be accepted. I’m just being honest, that the job is pretty hard work sometimes)

We will provide you with the following:
- 1-3 weeks training.
- All cleaning chemicals for the first 6 weeks. (See point 2 under “You Provide”). I will provide you with all the tools etc required to carry out the oven clean.
- All of the appointments for customers houses, always. You do not need to find the work, I provide it to you.
- The full use of my van 7 days a week. (It’s a good van, Citroen Belingo, very high comfort spec). No private long distance travel without my prior permission. Note, you must have a UK licence. I will have to add you to the insurance; you may have to make a contribution to this extra cost. It depends on your age, driving licence and any driving convictions etc).
- 40% of the cost of cleaning the oven goes to you. For example, I charge £65 to clean a double oven; you get to keep £26.00. If you clean 4 x double ovens in one day, you will earn £104 a day. It will take you approx 8 hours to do 4 double ovens as they take approximately 2 hours each to do. (8 hours is excluding travelling time). So that’s £13/hour, assuming you take 2 hours to clean a double oven. If you take less time or more time, you get the same money. Some days you will earn more, maybe £120/day more, some days less, some days nothing at all as it depends on how busy the customer’s requirements are. Remember you are self employed in this role. I will NOT provide sick pay, holiday pay, pension or NHI contributions.

You will need to provide:
- Fuel for running the van, both business and private (Van does 46mpg diesel)
- After 6 weeks, 40% cost contribution toward the cleaning chemicals (budget approx £25-£35month)
- Agree that if you cause any damage or breakage to a customer’s oven, or his property, you will pay to have it rectified.
- If you cause any damage to the van, you will pay for the repair, or the excess if an insurance claim.
- Possible contribution to add you to van insurance (see point 4 under “I will provide”)
- Note that the majority of oven cleans are in Knutsford (I am based in Knutsford), Northwich, Altrincham, Sale, Nantwich, Sandbach, Middlewich, Macclesfield, Mobberley, and Wilmslow. It would be beneficial if you reside somewhere easy to get to these towns.

Please understand, this is a self employed role and not full time, although there may well be some weeks when 40 hours are available.
Signed and all understood, accepted and agreed

Other job info:
Job position – Oven Cleaner
Number of staff needed – 1
Salary – £13/ hour
Start date – 1/11/15
Job specification – Professional Oven Cleaning. Position is for a self employed Oven cleaner, responsible for own taxation liabilities. To clean ovens throughout Cheshire and South Manchester.
Place of work (city, country, ZIP code, etc.) – North Cheshire and South Manchester
Contract duration – Permanant
Working hours / Number of hours a week guarantied – anywhere between 10 and 40 per week

English level required – Good
Gender preferred – Males
Type/length of experience required, etc. Further information if needed. – none

Job application

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