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Looking for a job as a head chef, chef de partie, cook

cookI am writing to express my interest in the position of cook. I am an experienced cook and have worked in the kitchen at Aventura Latina Restaurant for the past three years. It’s a place, where quality is the number one priority and each member of the team has its own responsibilities, but yet works closely together. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are an essential part of the job, and I am valued for my energetic and enthusiastic approach to work. With over ten years of experience working in a professional kitchen, I am adept at all aspects of food preparation and cooking, and at the Aventura Latina Restaurant, the dishes I prepare include gourmet salads, steak and chips, grilled fish and more of Spanish, American and Polish cuisine. I also care about the highest standards of food hygiene. After I graduated from high school in Guatemala, I’ve moved to the USA, where I trained and then worked as a cook in one of the best restaurants in New City, New York. That experience taught me so much about cooking and hospitality industry and every role in it. I developed my skills in cooking, cleaning and customer service and, most importantly, teamwork. After marrying my wife we have moved together to Poland, where I continued my adventure with cooking. I worked for over two years in one of the top restaurants in Piła, later started work as the Chef in the Aventura Latina Restaurant. One of the reasons why I am willing to take this new job is that I want to develop professionally. I feel that I reached my limits in here and I am ready to move to my next challenge. Since I have lived in different parts of the world I am prepared to discover new places. I am available to start the new job as soon as possible but right now my legal status in Poland is that I am a permanent resident with the right to work. If my new employer will come from one of the countries in the European Union I must apply for the Long-term EU-resident permit, which I qualify for, so is the matter of probably three months or so. I have been passionate about food and cooking my whole life. My strengths as a cook are Spanish-influenced dishes, and experience in continental cuisine. I watch cook TV shows and experiment with new dishes in my spare time, and I love nothing better than the satisfaction of creating something fresh, exciting and delicious. I am a diligent, energetic team player who will work hard to turn out food that is both beautiful to eat and beautifully presented. I would love the opportunity to bring my enthusiasm and passion for cooking to the team at your restaurant.

APPLICANT NO: 135358171213

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