We supply workers from Poland to work in England and other EU countries. We receive hundreds of applications from Polish workers each day!

Looking for Polish workers?


Polish workers recruitment agencyPolish-workers.co.uk operates on behalf of the Imperial Recruitment Agency, the top foreign workers recruitment agency from Poland, specialized in recruitment of Polish workers. Each day we have access to hundreds  of Polish workers looking for work abroad in various trades.

How we recruit?
To start a recruitment, we always prepare a separate advertisement campaign, set on concrete position. 
Candidates use our Polish recruitment website to apply for jobs. If they are interested in a job, they fill out a short application form and attach CV with photo.

All applications go to us first. One of our recruitment managers will be assigned just to deal with your recruitment. If we receive an application from a potential worker, they will contact each single candidate, check if they meet basic job requirements and verify English speaking level if needed. Only right application of person who meets your employment standards is being presented to you. If you decide to offer jobs to such candidates, we will manage for the candidates to sign all needed documents and arrange a transport to your country.

Each advertisement campaign is carried out for at least 30 days, until we find we successful workers, but usually we are succeed and recruit suitable staff during first 7 days. Obviously, all depends on type of workers needed and number of workers required. 

Additionally, detail information about the recruitment campaign is:

  • sent to candidates registered in our database (currently are over 30 000 Polish candidates registered in our database)
  • entered into our partner employment/recruitment websites (we cooperate and have access to over 100 job websites)
  • published in Polish job newspapers and radio (local and all-Polish newspapers)
  • presented to candidates face to face in our offices in Poland (each day, we have at least hundreds of new Polish workers, coming to our office and asking for jobs in EU!)

If you would like to start the recruitment, please submit your job offer here.