We supply workers from Poland to work in England and other EU countries. We receive hundreds of applications from Polish workers each day!

Looking for Polish workers?


Polish workers recruitment agencyPolish-workers.co.uk belongs to the Imperial Recruitment Agency, the top foreign workers recruitment agency from Poland, specializing in recruitment of Polish workers.

We have been dealing with the recruitment of Polish staff since 2004, supplying long term workers or seasonal workers. You hire them directly as an employer.


icon How we recruit?
We start recruiting by setting up an immediate advertising campaign targeted on concrete job position which is:
- advertise your job in 10 most popular Polish job portals + enter newspaper and radio adverts,
- upload your original job info on this website + our Polish recruitment website (the job is translated into Polish language),
- deliver it to all candidates registered in our database and present to candidates face to face in our offices in Poland.
Using the above advertising methods, each day we have access to hundreds of Polish workers looking for jobs abroad, in various trades, the most in United Kingdom and Ireland.


icon What is the application process?
1. If candidate is interested in your job they apply using an individual on-line application form (they deliver in English – brief information about themselves, preferences, employment history including CV in English).
2. Before we forward the application to you, it is being verified by Imperial (one of our recruitment managers will be assigned to deal just with your recruitment). We contact each single candidate, check if they meet job and language requirements. Only right workers who meet your employment standards are presented to you.
3. Before making an employment offer, we can arrange a phone/or Skype interview between you and the candidate and get necessarily documents from the candidate.
4. If you are in position to offer a job to a candidate, you must deliver to Imperial ‘Confirmation Of Employment Letter’ issued for a name of a candidate, so we can give to the candidate to sign. Based on it they can start arranging their travel to your country.


icon How much we charge?
We charge a placement fee per worker placed, payable in 30 days after candidate’s arrival. The amount of fees depends on a job position. If you use our services for the first time we require an advance payment to cover costs of the advertising campaign as described above, however the cost will calculated and deducted from a bill, when first candidate is placed. If you interested to receive full terms and conditions, please submit your job offer here.